Take the Essential Oil Journey With Me!

I am so excited for this new journey!

For the past year or so I have barely dipped my toes in the world of essential oils, but after so many great reviews and I love natural cleaning products I decided to take the leap and signed up for a membership.

I hope that you take this journey with me!

The list of ways to use essential oils is a long one. Anywhere from digestive solutions, topical, diffusing them, mixing them for natural cleaning supplies, beauty care or even laundry!

I have a list that I will be trying and sharing if I actually think that they worked or it was a bust! If you have any aliments and have been told to try essential oils for them than lets try them out or if you have any aliments and have tried everything under the sun but essential oils than email me or let me know and I can recommend a essential oil or blend of them to try!

I will be posting here, but to stay more up to date, fun post, and giveaways join me on my @oil.living Instagram!


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