TOP 5 Baby Must Haves Under $20!


As we were spending time with some friends last weekend who do not have kids, she was asking about a couple items she saw me use with my daughter and quickly put them in a note on her phone. I think it’s great that she kept a list of helpful things to put on their future baby registry and loved all of these things so I thought I would share. These were my top 5 favorite baby products with my first child and as I get ready for number 2 they are things that I make sure I have still or have more of. All of them have provided much-needed relief in a time of sleep deprivation and stress or just made parenting easier. If you have a problem, there is probably a product or solution and if not then it is something to look into for your own business!

I work full time, I also am in school part time and volunteer quite a bit around the community and at church so I prefer products that save me time, money, and let me spend as much time as I can with my child. A lot of these products are rather new on the market, my favorite thing about these products is how versatile they are and how most of them are budget friendly!

!. The BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush – $9.98 on Amazon

Baby Bum Brush

These things at first seemed so silly to me but I am so glad that I got it. It is a BPA free 100% soft flexible silicone.

I find this an extremely easy way to lather my babies but up if it looks a little red or just preventative, it is nice because nothing gets on YOUR hands! I simply just grab another wipe, clean it off and can put it back in the diaper bag (they make an awesome mini version). The bottom also doubles as a suction cup and sticks great to the top of the dresser/changing table.I also find these extremely easy to sterilize this object.

The Amazon reviews speak for themselves! 4.9 out of 5 stars with 3,475 reviews! Go check it out!

  1. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser – $3.99 Amazon

Diaper Bags

I laughed when I first saw these. They made me think about little doggy bags when you take your dog for a walk and have to pick up their poop. Why in the world do I need to bag my babies poop? I don’t have time for that! They are perfect for on the go for a couple different reasons:

  • At a friend’s house and your child has an extremely stinky poo! Just do the courtesy and bag it in these nice smelling bags and not stink up their whole house or trash can!
  • On the go and your child has a messy blowout and gets it all over their clothes, or this happens with puke too! Bag them up until you can get home to wash them. Now everything in the diaper bag isn’t gross and you don’t have to throw the clothes away!
  • I have done my fair share of quick parking lot diaper changes. These are perfect when there is not a trash near bye, simply bag it and throw it away when you can.

For this price, I think they are a great add on to anyone’s baby shower gift! I know if I saw these on your registry I would throw them in with my gift.

  1. FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator (Nose Frida!) – $14.99 Amazon

The snot sucker! This thing looks and sounds absolutely disgusting! Let me tell you that it works though, this thing was amazing. We all know kids in daycare typically get sick more and as my daughter gets plenty of stuffy noses and gunk this kept her sleeping through the night and comfortable!

One time we took her to the Dr. and I told her we used it and our pediatrician told us she used it on her son and that we were doing everything right, just keep it sucked out as much as possible!

Yes, you put the cylinder against their nose and the red part in your mouth and suck! My baby hated this but she felt so much better after and I loved watching my mom use it and how much she loved it compared to those crappy bulbs!

This is another product that you should check out the Amazon reviews as they speak for them selves with over 8,000 reviews!

*This company also makes something called a Windi for gas relief! It just makes me giggle, we thankfully never had to try it but with the love of the Nosefrida, I would if I needed to.

  1. Boogie Mist – $ 5.69 Amazon

Boogie Mist

As I just mentioned my daughter had tons of stuffy noses, I tried a lot of saline sprays and this was by far my favorite! It was the easiest to use and I felt go the most in a squirmy little baby. I also bought this one bottle and she is now over a year old and it isn’t empty!

A gentle saline mist that helps moisturize a dry, irritated nose. It is non-medicated sterile saline spray, hypoallergenic.

I found the most effective thing was to spray this, give it a couple minutes and then use the NoseFrida mentioned above.

Boogie Wipe

Boogie Wipes $9.95 (3 pack) – $9.95 Amazon

I put these with the boogie mist because they are similar, they may seem trivial but if you have children you will understand how much of a pain wiping a kid’s nose can be! Especially if it is red and raw. These gentle saline wipes make it so much easier.

  1. Multi-Purpose Car Seat Cover – $11.97 Amazon or the AMAZLINEN -$19.99

(I originally had bought the classic Milk Snob Cover)

Like I mentioned above, I love products that can be used for multiple things, and this one is perfect! It primarily serves as a car seat cover which was great at the grocery store for the bright lights or to keep nosey people away from my baby! Don’t get me wrong I love to hear how adorable she is but I do not want strangers touching her, and yes this has happened when I wasn’t using it!

It was also used as a nursing cover, power to the people that can nurse out in public but I am not comfortable with that, It was lightweight, stretchy and provided a perfect opening for me to see the baby if I needed to.

We use it as a cart cover when my daughter got older, it was night as it covered all of the bars so she couldn’t put her mouth on them and provided a nice net to catch her toys or whatever she was chewing on at the time.

Last but not least whenever she was in the bouncer or mamaroo she would kick her blanket off, this prevents that from happening as well! Seriously amazing and so helpful!

This was one of my favorite gifts to give!

I included one option on Amazon the AMAZILINEN because I love the zipper feature of it, they did not have this one originally but I would be more than willing to try it out when the next baby comes. I am glad that I got all gender neutral ones last time because now I already have a couple!

If you have a cover like this I would love to hear some of the other ways that you have found it useful to use it. I am all about those hacks!

Please comment and share if you have any other helpful baby items that you loved or that you have questions about. I am one of those who did hours of research and tried many things with my first!

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