Inkwell Press Planner Review

I am a huge planner addict. I like organization. I normally have my hard copy planner that goes every where with me. Then there is the marker board in the kitchen, the meal planner board on the refrigerator and the beloved google calendar. I have also fallen in love with this new family organization app that I found called Cozi.



I have gone through planner after planner and have fallen in love with the Passion Planner. I thought that this plannerย was going to change that as there are a couple things about the Passion Planner that I do not care for. Well, only one so far that I have found and that is that the planner is not spiral bound. I need something spiral bound and that was a deal breaker for me with the Passion Planner until I found a way to work around that. Check it out here!

Anyways in a voyage to find the perfect spiral bound planner I tried out the Inkwell Planner. It appeared to have everything that I was looking for. It was small, classy, had the right format and had a couple bonus features I thought that I might use.

The main reason that I chose this planner over all the other ones at Office Depot the day that I went was because of the time layout that it had for each day. It didn’t have the times on the side but it had the similar format to lay out one’s day. I have a lot of appointments and meetings through out the day so I like the daily time layout so I can put in the appointments and then schedule what needs to be done around it. It also had small sections on the bottom and sides.


The planner comes will all kinds of other features that are very similar to other planners out there. Goal sections at the beginning of the month. Notes section at the end and additional features such as finance and spending tracking,


I so wanted to love this planner but after a week I am finding myself back with my Passion Planner. I like the simple design of it. I am not a huge sticker person and need to scrapbook in my planner. I like it quick, simple, and clean. This just did not work out in this planner. I tried a couple different ways to organize things and did not fall in love with the format. I tried putting my appointments for the day first and then the to do list for the day after. I hated how it looked. The weekly focus section was nice but I enjoy how the Passion Planner separates things between work and personal and then even organizes it by priority. I bought this planner for $49 at Office Depot and unfortunately, am disappointed it didnโ€™t work out. I really wanted it to but for someone that likes the endless possibilities, and additional features of the planner this may be for you. I, however, need just a little bit more structure. I really do not want to spend a bunch of time planning a layout for my planner. A planner is supposed to keep you organized and manage your time wisely.

For all of you planner addicts I would love to hear if you have tried this planner, what you thought about it and what your favorite planner is. Please share! Is there a hidden gem I just donโ€™t know about?


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