The Organization App Every Family Needs

The Best App to Keep Your Family Organized

I have tried organization app after organization app, from just the reminders and notes on my iPhone to even paying a couple dollars for ones that I thought had it all. Recently I have found exactly what I was looking for! The best thing is that it is FREE!!

(They do have a paid version that is per year but I do not pay for it)

The app is Cozi!

It is the perfect all in one family organizer. There are so many great features!

I personally like the all in one app so that I do not have to go to multiple apps for different things. This app not only had a calendar to keep track of events and kid’s practices but it goes one step further and syncs with any other digital calendar you have and assigns each individual person a color. Of course, it includes the generic calendar features like reminders. It also includes automated daily or weekly agenda emails to each family member.

I find this a nice subtle way to remind my husband of things.

Every organization app needs a place to put the to do list and for my list, Cozi did it right. I like that I can not only make to do list for each family member but just different list in general that include notes and reminds. This is great for those odd projects. Check out their website and they have tons of sample list for you or ideas to help you out like a children’s chore list. This is where my hunny do list is! I found it extremely handy for our last vacation and the weeks leading up to it all those small things you think about and do not want to forget to pack.

Here is a link to their website where they have tons of resources and list ideas!

Cozi List Library

Another list feature that this app has is the grocery. It is very accessible and right next to the to do list. It automatically separates the list categories by grocery and then wholesale. This helps keep what I need to buy at the regular grocery store and what I need to get at Sams Club separate. I also like that since everyone in the family has the app if my husband thinks of something he wants or needs he can throw it in the app quick and I have it for when I go grocery shopping. You can even organize your grocery list by section in the store.

I realize that not everyone is as organized or enjoys list as much as I do but this is nice and helps me get out of the store faster.

One neat feature this app includes that I don’t think a lot of other organization apps have is the recipe box. How neat is it to have all of your recipes right there on your phone? Sometimes I make my grocery list at work if I am going that day when I get off. How neat is it that I can see everything I need and I don’t have to check my recipe books at home. It is all on my phone. The app takes it a step further and even lets you add the ingredients in your recipe straight to your grocery list!

Last but not least the recipe box lets you add meals straight to your calendar! Seriously how convenient is that? Your appointments, lessons, practices, and meals all on a calendar, color coded and ready to go.

One tip is that I love when I can see what is all planned for an evening and if it is a rather labor intensive dinner I can easily switch it to another night we do not have much planned.

Seriously try it out. Just give it a shot for a month and see how you guys like it. I would love to hear some reviews if it worked for you and your family or not, or if you have something better! Please share!

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