How to Make Money With Essential Oils

Living With Oils / Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Want to make money with essential oils? Awesome. There are many ways to have a business with oils besides pushing them on your close friends and family. Young Living is not your typical MLM business please do not let this push you away from using or researching essential oils in general. If you want to learn more about Young Living and all the specifics, please visit here. It will have information on the company, products, the seed to seal and many other answers you may have questions too. If you would also like to use any of my essential oil recipes or testimonies, please feel free to share! They are growing!

I personally did not start using essential oils to share or for an income. I do have team members that did and are very successful, I just like the products and enjoy using them and including them in my life and my families’ life.

So, A couple things you need to do in order to start making money with essential oils.

Join the business!

I love helping people so this is why I have support groups, facebook groups, and am always available to answer questions and help people out.

The first thing to do is to purchase a Premium Starter Kit. There is so much training and resources on how to use it. The most important part here is these key things:


Essential_oilThere is no selling what you buy, there is no inventory you have to keep, no shipping, no required monthly minimums!!!!

When you sign up for the membership you save 24% on everything you buy! That means that if you have any intention on using oils you should sign up for the membership. Why pay full price?

This is my favorite thing. What if I have a busy month where I need to put my family first. This is why Young Living is not a typical MLM. You do not need to sell anything, you do not need to push product, you do not need to keep inventory or annoy your friends and family.

  1. Sign Up for Wholesale membership – Purchase starter kit. (If you just want a good deal on essential oils, this is the option for you.)
  2. Use your essential oils!! When you purchase your starter kit with me I will help you every step of the way with reference materials. There are so many ways to use them, wellness, cooking, beauty!

Of course, there is the easiest way to make money is to share your love for essential oils and to teach others about them. Teaching classes sounds terrifying but I promise it’s not there are a huge amount of resources all about hosting an essential oil class. I promise it is easier than it sounds! It can also be done 1: 1, on Facebook or feeling brave, hold a class at the local library or community center.

There is no selling!! It is all about education, how to use essential oils and ways to include them or solve life’s problems. You do not need to stock oils, it is all about sharing.

Sign up a friend for the Premium Starter Kit and you earn 50$. Sign-up 3 individuals and you have covered the cost of your kit! There is also essential rewards and get free oils every month!! FREE!!

Check out the commission information here if you are interested in this route.

That’s not it though!

There are so many more ways to have an essential oils business!

Sell Essential Oil Products!

Once you learn a little bit more about essential oils you can see there are so many things to make with them. I love making body butter, hair treatments, cleaners and even bath bombs. They make great gifts.

I have seen a lot where individuals like to use these natural homemade products but do not have the time to make them on their own. Always wanted to own your own beauty line and products? This is a great option!

For example, check out this Etsy shop Linger Bath and Body. These products are beautiful and great for your health.

Sell Essential Oil Accessories!

Essential Oils are a big business and extremely popular right now and if there is one thing people love it is customization and accessories.

From cases to labels for your bottles.

If you are creative and like a personalized touch on things than this extra income is for you. I personally do not have time but I love custom labels for my bottles.

If you start a label business after joining and buying your kit let me know and I would love to support you and buy some labels from you.

Check out this shelf from Spring Meadow Co. and these labels from Pretty Lil Party. 

Essential Oil Jewelry

This is another one of those customizations and accessories but you get use out of your essential oils. I love these bracelets, for example, cute, fashionable and they have an extra benefit! There are so many options. I do not believe the market is flooded at all and plenty of opportunity out there.

You can get the bracelet here.

Imagine if you signed up for your kit, saved money using essential oils in your household and was able to make more money or start a small business you have always wanted to. Be your own boss, work from home and achieve all of those goals you have for the new year!

If you have any questions about getting started please comment below and I would love to talk more.

Also if you have a small business I would love to hear about it. I enjoy supporting each other and uplifting each other.


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