Why You Shouldn’t Buy Essential Oils at Retail Price

Living With Oils / Thursday, December 28th, 2017

Why You Should NOT Buy Essential Oils at Retail Prices!


Everyone loves to save a couple dollars where they can. At least I do. One thing I love to save money on is my essential oils.

I will say that originally I was very skeptical of essential oils. After a couple months of using them, I now use essential oils in many different ways from health and beauty to cleaning and laundry. I have tons of recipes and have done hours of research.

The company that I have found to have the best reviews and I truly believe in is Young Living. I love their seed to seal promise and they even have their own 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps families in undeveloped nations. You can read all about Young Living here. Or I would love to help you find more information and answer the questions you do have.

Now Young Living is a multi-level marketing company. I think this turns a lot of people away. As honestly, I did when I was first introduced to it. I did was my own research though and came to my own conclusion. The best part about having someone try and sell you essential oils though is the free samples. Essential oils are not cheap so to try something out for FREE!! I also really enjoyed all of the information, research, and recipes on how to use them.

Remember this post was not to sell you essential oils but to save you and your friends and family money when you buy them.

When you sign up for a wholesale membership through Young Living you save 24% on all prices! So why in the world would you pay full price?

Things to consider:

  • Sign up for a wholesale membership and save 24% on every purchase! Free to Sign Up!
  • Purchase a Starter Kit (Savings of $60+)
  • Receive tons of support, DIY’s/recipes, information, resources, and training (if you want it).
  • Enroll in Essential Rewards (Only for members & earn free essential oils every month).
  • Free bottle of essential oils from me when you purchase the starter kick and enroll in rewards. (Your pick).
  • NEVER have to sell a single oil to anyone if you do not want to, No monthly minimums or quotas that you have to meet.



I save tons of money every month just by having a wholesale membership and I am not required to sell anything but my friends and family all benefit from the discount while I earn free oils!

Sign up HERE, I absolutely love helping people so if you have any questions please comment below and I can email you. I will help you with tons of resources, recipes, and anything that you may need.


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