My Favorite Side Hustles

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Most of these are not true side hustles but they are quick easy ways that I use to make extra income throughout my day. The savings and or gift cards I receive from these apps is how I pay for extra stuff like gift cards to restaurants on vacation, gift cards to give as gifts or majority of it is saved until I do my Christmas shopping. I then redeem all my points or whatever the reward system is to get gift cards to buy gifts with; I even use them to pay for diapers on Amazon! No more than a couple minutes at a time are spent doing these things. No long hours spent for minimal reward.


I have tried a couple different programs like Mypoints to include Swagbucks and a couple others. I do not spend a lot of time doing surveys or tedious tasks. The way I make the most money is just adding the chrome plugin and activating it any time I am shopping. I automatically get rewards for shopping that I was already doing.



Another way to get the most out of Mypoints is to just check for deals when thinking about signing up for something. I love subscription boxes. I think they are a lot of fun and I am always on the hunt for ones that are new or products I want to try. Mypoints almost always have an incentive or coupon when signing up for a new subscription. The way I earn most of my Mypoints is printing coupons to use grocery shopping and don’t worry they load directly to your store membership card!

Mypoints is now exactly the same and partners with Swagbucks. I have used Swagbucks way longer than Mypoints. Swagbucks I have found usually has fewer problems but can just take a little longer to get rewards from shopping. It racks up quicker than you think though as I have $50 worth waiting for me right


I have loved Ibotta for a long time now and have made almost a thousand dollars from the app over the past year or two. The best part is how the app is constantly evolving and making things easier for the purchasers. I really save money with this app as I use it to help with my meal plan so I know for sure I am saving the maximum amount of money. You get the most rewards for beer and wine!!


A huge way to maximize savings and earning with this app is to be on a team. So download the app here if you do not have it. If you do have it, here is my code so we can be friends! (nhkwscp ). When you are on a team with individuals you get bonuses and are able to earn more. My team last month earned an extra $15 just from bonuses.



This is a similar website to Mypoints but more of just surveys and fun stuff. I have just recently joined this one and am really growing my network. It takes the social media and networking aspect of popular websites and makes it into an incentive program. I enjoy talking to others, communicating, researching, etc. This website does it all! It is pretty fun to just check out once or twice a day when I have a minute or need a slight mental break from work.


I normally do not have my location services on my phone turned on but for this app I do. There are quite a few similar apps these days and this is by far my favorite as it always has my favorite stores. Plus you get incentives for scanning products. Don’t mind me taking an extra little bit on my stroll around Target. They have gift cards to all my favorite stores and you do not even have to buy anything to earn “kicks”.

Just like Ibotta the more friends the more you can earn. The whole reason I share this post is to help others make money like I do that does not consume a lot of my time. Please add me as a friend on shopkicks! (KICK159719)

Here is a link to download the app! There is also a website so you do not always have to sue the app.



This is a different kind of side hustles than the others mentioned. A lot of individuals sell Essential Oils. I do not really practice that side of the business, but I consider it a side hustle because it can make quite a large income. I have a post here How to Make Money With Essential Oils. Most of the times I just help friends and family. Check out all my post here about Essential Oils including uses or the business aspect. My favorite thing is just living a cleaner lifestyle while on a budget. Even if you do not want to purchase or sell but are interested please let me know as I have a large number of resources. I enjoy using them for beauty purposes or just diffusing for scent. Using them saves me more money most the time than I actually make but it is a good opportunity to look into.




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