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I know that my husband and I are not the only ones that absolutely love Disney. There was many reasons that we were excited to have children and taking them to Disneyland was of course something we could not wait to do! My husband is from the Disneyland area and even was employed there at one point in his life. I was a Midwest girl that never left the Midwest until my late teenage years. When I met my husband in my early twenties of course I wanted him to take me home, so he could take me to Disneyland!

With our daughter we looked at many different gender reveal ideas, but after years of trying and multiple losses by the time we made it to the gestational period to find out gender we could not wait any longer. We chose to find out together in the sonogram room. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it was a very special moment for the both of us that I will always cherish.

When we got pregnant with our second child we were just as impatient and wanted to find out as early as possible. When I would be around 12 weeks along we had a trip planned to Disneyland to visit family and celebrate our Daughters one year birthday with family, even if it was a little early. Being in the military we do not get to celebrate things with family very often so we took full advantage of this trip. After a lot of research I found out that it is possible to find out the gender that early, after 9 weeks gestational period the gender is identifiable by the chromosomes in the blood.

I ordered the blood test and we got it done! We had a short amount of time to plan a gender reveal and everything was lining up to do something at Disneyland! We could not be more excited. I looked all over the internet and we just could not find anything we liked. I did not just want to do a picture of something saying it’s a … because we wanted something that surprised us.


After a lot of back and forth we decided there is no better way than to have Mickey himself tell us what we were having. We bought both a small stuffed Mickey and Minnie at the Disney Store in Down Town Disney. We had the gender in an envelope waiting to give the attendant when it was out time for pictures.

The day started out absolutely horrible. Flying from Alaska is not always fun as every flight is usually at midnight and you fly all night, so after landing in Los Angeles at about 5:00 or 6:00am we grabbed breakfast, hung out at my mother-in-law’s for a little bit and headed to the park as soon as it opened. At this point my husband and I have both been up for over 24 hours, traveling with a toddler and anxious to find out the gender!

We quickly found our way to Mickey’s House as that is where you can always find Mickey. We made our way through and waited in line. It usually goes rather quick. This is where things went really well for us. A little secret is that there are different Mickey’s (I hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.) Sometimes it is steam boat Mickey, or a couple different variations. My husband knows this and really wanted Sorcerer Mickey. We get inside and not only did we get Sorcerer Mickey, we were the last ones in the group to have our photo taken. We told Mickey’s attendant what we wanted and they were so excited and happy to participate. She opened the envelope, took the stuffed dolls, and whispered in Mickey’s ear the plan.

As we posed for a couple pictures Mickey played his part perfectly and although my daughter did not understand at the time he handed her the Mickey doll! The photographer got plenty of pictures on our photo pass, and Mickey’s assistant took a video with my cellphone. We could not be more excited! IT’S A BOY! Now, we have both the Mickey and Minnie Dolls and a fun gender reveal!


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  1. That is an absolutely adorable way to find out! I’m a big Disney fan myself. My last visit was around 25 weeks pregnant, you’re making me regret waiting to find out the old fashioned way!

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