How to Make Money With Pinterest

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How to use Magic Links and Pinterest to Make Money

How to Make Money With Pinterest

If you love Pinterest and you want to learn how to make money with Pinterest and no blog then please read below. I will show you a quick guide on how to make money pinning. This will just be a quick tutorial but please sign up to receive my newsletter to get my new in-depth Magic Links course for free.

The easiest way to make money on Pinterest is to use affiliate marketing and Magic Links. Affiliate marketing has been proven to be the easiest way to make an income with Pinterest. There have been many affiliate companies but Magic Links is by far my favorite because it is the easiest to use therefore I am sharing it with you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a strategy used to increase sales of a product or company. This is anyone that essentially gets a percentage or commission for driving a sale. MLM direct sellers and travel agents are considered affiliate marketers.

Why do I need Magic Links?

Magic Links is a company that provides the opportunity for anyone to become an affiliate marketer without a blog and without applying to specific affiliate programs. If any of you are unfamiliar with the standard process of affiliate marketing they essentially become a middleman. In addition, no one needs to spend hours applying to become an affiliate with major stores and brands like Nordstrom, Target and MAC cosmetics. Applying to become an affiliate with these companies can be very challenging because they require a very strong social media presence and thousands of followers. Therefore a lot of bloggers are not able to become affiliates  Magic Links gives you the opportunity to turn any of their thousands of approved retailers into an affiliate link while saving hours of time.

This page contains affiliate links. Meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. I only recommend brands I use and trust.

How to Make Money

First of all, create a Magic Links account. This is extremely simple. Just a quick form and you are ready to get started. Next, it will then take you to the welcome screen. Once on the welcome screen, you will have a couple different options and ways to create an affiliate link.

  1. Create Links – Products links is the first tab and easy. Copy the link of a product from any approved retailer. Even Target! Paste the link and you are now generated your own magic link. Any time a purchase is made using your new custom link you will receive commissions from it.

Link Wand – I highly suggest installing the link wand into your browser. I use google chrome and I do not have to have the magic links page open and I just click the link wand and it gives me the generated link that I need for a product.

Depending on the product you used you need to make a pin for it. As I said I will not get too in-depth here about what size photos work the best on Pinterest, what is a rich pin and etc. You can find that all in my Magic Links Course.

Getting Started

The easiest example and thing to do is take a photo from the website. One of my most pinned images and magic links is a photo right from the Target website of their new Opal House collection of home décor. I highly suggest not taking just product photos from the website. It is better to show them in use or staged.

Pin the image by creating a new pin. I personally take a shortcut to do this by using tailwind and schedule my pins so even when I am sleeping I can pin and it gives me the opportunity to pin to multiple boards, group boards and tribes all at one time. In the link, this is where you will copy and paste the magic link you created. In the description post a little bit about the product. Make sure to follow guidelines and post that it is an affiliate link. Pin the image to your boards that correlate and there you go. An additional source of passive income!

First of all, If you really want to start making money on Pinterest all you need is a Pinterest Account, Magic Links, and Tailwind. With these three I am able to schedule over 50 affiliate pins in less than a half hour. All of my pins continue to get repined, consequently continuing to drive traffic to the retailer even if I am sleeping. Again making a truly passive income! It is totally doable without a scheduling program. I personally thought it was a great investment as it has truly helped increase my Pinterest analytics and sales.

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