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How to Monetize Your Blog with Magic Links

If you are still using SSC or share-a-sale and not Magic Links I highly suggest you take a look, compare and make the switch. Since I have switched over to Magic Links I am able to monetize my blog post and pins quicker than I was with Shop Style Collective and Share-a-sale. I also receive a higher commission. Magic Links provides multiple ways to monetize your blog and increase traffic.


Magic Links was the most popular way to monetize for YouTube. However it has come a long way with great features and simple ways to monetize your blog. I have also used it to increase my income and monetize my Pinterest as well.

How to Get Started

Obviously create a free Magic Links account first. This is great for new bloggers and individuals just getting started as it does not require a minimum following and gives you access to thousands of affiliate programs. This includes affiliate programs such as Target, Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora and other top retailers. Sign up is quick and easy.


How to Create Monetized Links

When you have a blog post with products or other items that could generate sales such as party supplies, toys, or even cleaning products the next thing you want to do is to create a link that when clicked will take your reader to buy the items.

An affiliate link can be generated a couple different ways on Magic Links. I personally prefer their link wand and have it installed as an add on in my browser. However this is not necessary. I just find that it saves me time. When you find the product at any store you prefer, hit the link wand and you have an affiliate link that will result in a percentage of income from anytime a purchase is made from your link. I have this link in both the word description of the product as well as an image of the product either of my own or the stock photo.


The second way to create an affiliate link is to just use their create links tab and the product links. Just copy and paste the URL and it will generate you a monetized link to use. Now you are able to insert this link in your blog the same way as mentioned above.

The Link Wizard Tab is another way to generate an affiliate link. This just provides the ability to generate links for multiple items at once. This is perfect for beauty and fashion bloggers who want to include multiple items under a picture. They are able to link everything quickly, saving them a lot of time then individual links to each item. I prefer this one for home d├ęcor links as well to each of the items within a photo.

Last but not least Magic links has a great WordPress plug-in and will automatically create a link for every affiliate product link in your post. Add the direct link to the product on your blog post and the plug-in will turn it into a magic link for you. It is seriously so simple. Just have to install the plug in or copy and paste the code into your header.

Other Benefits of Magic Links

I love the analytical stats that Magic Links provides its users. I am able to see what stores drive the most income, what links and even what days I got the most clicks and sales. This helps me see what my readers are really interested in and what retailers do better than others.

There is also a Find Products tab on the left side bar that is extremely helpful and can be great for generating income in Pinterest or adding products to your blog post.

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Magic Links also provides great ratings and rankings on how well different retailers sell and produce income. There is even the ability to see the magic links rating on good when searching a product. This gives you the ability to see what store the product would sell better at, providing you the most income.

Please make sure to follow FTC guidelines and always disclose.

This page contains affiliate links. Meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. I only recommend brands I use and trust.

I look forward to hearing how Magic Links has worked for you and your success!

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